About Us

JIA offers world of high quality perfumes, cosmetics and personal care products. A strong and steady growth over the years has seen JIA International scale new heights industry wide. The company has grown in a short span of time to attract dealerships from the most reputable of industry stalwarts. It is the sheer dedication of the team and maximum customer service which has helped JIA International progress so far. JIA pays utmost attention to the needs of the consumer making products that match the profile recommended by the client. The Customer is King in the world of JIA and no effort is spared to fulfill his wish. Technological strength of the JIA team is also unmatched in related sectors and assure of a sturdy service in quality and production capacity. At JIA – quality combines with sincerity, dedication and sheer hard work to provide world class custom made perfume fragrances and cosmetic products.

Quality Control

An extensive knowledge base and years of experience has made Jia International a major force to reckon with in the area of Quality Control. Jia keeps a close watch on quality with the aid of its trained and dedicated manpower who are the best you can find in their fields. Moreover with the help of advanced technology and matching infrastructure, Jia ensure that the highest standards are maintained as far as quality is concerned.

Our Vision

To be the company of choice for customers valuing superior quality , creative , innovative products and services.

Our Mission

To be the leader in the perfume, cosmetics & personal care industry by delivering superior, creative products, services, cost effective and high in quality.